amazon 海淘LEGO物流情况

商家:amazon US
物品:LEGO 2套

2014-05-18 09:19,amazon US,下单
2014-05-19 05:21,中行,信用卡扣款短信通知
2014-05-19 23:20,UPS, Order Processed, Ready for UPS(05/19/2014, 2:20 P.M.)
2014-05-20 06:52,UPS, Lexington, KY, Departure Scan
2014-05-20 17:35,UPS, Departure Scan, Hodgkins, IL, United States
2014-05-23 12:28,UPS, We’ll be in your area and will deliver your UPS SurePost package instead of the post office.
2014-05-23 00:15,UPS, Delivered , Portland, OR, United States
2014-05-24 02:34,转运中国,入库(Oregon)
2014-05-24 08:15,转运中国,运费缴费
2014-05-28 10:10,转运中国,出库,飞往中国
2014-06-03 09:29,转运中国,到达中国,等待清关
2014-06-03 10:12,转运中国,清关中
2014-06-10 16:00,EMS,重庆邮政速递
2014-06-11 02:05,EMS,离开重庆处理中心,发往北京
2014-06-11 14:30,转运中国,状态更新更新
2014-06-12 16:00,EMS,到达北京邮政陆路速递邮件处理中心
2014-06-13 11:36,EMS,投递并签收

UPS 称重:4.20 lbs(1.9公斤)
转运中国称重:2.10 公斤

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